Washington Early Music Festival 2014

October 10-12, 2014

Mark your calendar for a weekend of wonderful events

St. Mark's on Capitol Hill, 3rd and A Streets SE, Washington DC
(a 13-minute walk from Capital South Metro Station)


Friday Oct. 10th 7:30 pmDouble Concert FeatureHesperus + Suspicious Cheese Lords
Saturday Oct. 11th 2:30 pmVocal WorkshopJay White
Saturday Oct. 11th 7:30 pmDouble Concert FeatureArmonia Nova + Arco Voce
Sunday Oct. 12th 7:30 pmDouble Concert FeatureCarmina/Illuminare + Modern Musick

CONCERT TICKETS: $30/$15 students for each concert. Available at the door.

VOCAL WORKSHOP: Sing Until the Cows Come Home: Vocal Health and Technique for Life-Long Singing
Saturday, October 11, 2:30 - 4:00 PM
Join Dr. Jay White, a former member of the Grammy award-winning ensemble Chanticleer, and a 10-year veteran of collegiate voice teaching in a workshop that will provide you necessary information in keeping your voice healthy and happy throughout your life. Whether you sing in the shower, in a choir, or to your toddler, or your profession is that of an educator, CEO, or pastor, this workshop will address the importance of maintaining proper vocal health however and whenever you use your voice.
Eligibility: Anyone who wants to learn about how to keep their voices healthy and to be able to speak/sing well as they age. So, essentially, anyone!
Registration: contact Jay White at jgwhite26@gmail.com. Payment due at time of workshop.
Pre-workshop preparation: Participants may bring a song to the workshop if desired. Most important is to bring a spirit of discovery, curiosity, and a willingness to make a variety of sounds!
Fee: $20/person. Auditors welcome.

The Festival's marvelous founding partner, St. Mark's on Capitol Hill, will generously host the Washington Early Music Festival once again, having completed its major renovation and expansion project.

The beauty and favorable acoustics of the nave make St. Mark's one of the finest venues for early music performance throughout the Washington, D.C. Metro area.


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